About AVTI

Atorkor Vocational Training Institute

The ATORKOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE (AVTI), is a National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) educational facility operating in partnership with the ATORKOR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF) AVTI was established in November 2011.

Our mission is to provide excellent, creative, inspiring academic and vocational programs while creating a conducive environment for students to develop their fullest potential. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the community in particular and the country as a whole

Our aim is to provide excellent vocational training to the youth of the community. Our motto is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The Atorkor Vocational Training Institute (AVTI) used to be called the Atorkor Vocational Training Centre. It is the fourth major project carried out by the Atorkor Development Foundation after the following projects, the IT Centre and Library, 3- unit Classroom block both in the Basic School and the Medical Clinic. The AVTI is by far the biggest and most expensive of the projects so far. Since its inception, the ADF has been guided by a constant vision which is to transform Atorkor from a very poor, under-developed and inadequately served community into a self-sustaining one with a full range of basic amenities: modern schools, a well-equipped medical centre, affordable communication facilities and a vocational centre to provide a variety of skills training.

The need for the provision of vocational training has been very high on the agenda of the Foundation since its inception in 2001 and it was formally incorporated into the first of the Foundation’s Strategic Development Plan drawn up in 2006 for the period 2008 to 2012.

The collapse of the fishing industry, the mainstay of the local economy, has resulted in massive unemployment and consequent high levels of poverty. Very few youngsters are able to continue after their basic school Education and enrol in secondary school or indeed tertiary education. Hence the area has very high youth unemployment. Even though the Foundation has been supporting some of these children by providing educational sponsorship to enable them continue further formal education, this is not sufficient to address the problem. Hence the need for a Vocational school to address the high level of youth unemployment by providing them with the opportunity to acquire relevant skills to assist them in generating sustainable income.

The provision of vocational training school by the ADF drew a step closer when in 2009 Ms. Peta Hall was sent to Atorkor by the Village Volunteers, the ADF’s partner organisation based in the U.S.A. to work with the Foundation. Soon after her visit to Atorkor, the Founder and Chairman of the ADF, Togbi Akumey Geli Adjorlolo III, hosted a meeting in London attended by Ms. Peta Hall and Mr. Walter Deffor, one of the trustees of the ADF. The outcome of that meeting was very significant as it laid the concrete foundation for setting up of the vocational Institute with Ms. Hall promising to provide the design. It was also agreed that the main obstacle was funding.

A second meeting was held in London at which Ms. Hall presented the design done by a well-known Canadian architect, Mr. Brian Clark. These designs were subsequently modified to take into account local conditions. It was agreed to build the Institute in phases.

Under the auspices of the ADF in 2010 the Keta Municipal Assembly was approached and land was donated for the project, with the approval of the community leaders. Ms. Hall then contacted the Bake Family Foundation who provided the initial funding through the ADF for the phase 1 building, called the BAKE BLOCK. The construction was started in February 2011, by the ADF construction team led by Mr. Sammy Larbi. It was supervised diligently by Ms. Peta Hall, completed in July 2011 and commissioned by the Hon. Mr. C.K. Humado the local MP and the then Minister of Youth and Sport in August 2011. This building houses the main office, workshops for Textile Decoration/batik, Dressmaking, and an ICT laboratory, washrooms, classrooms, a kitchen/meeting room, a storage room and the Adabla library.

The Rotary Clubs of Ontario, Canada, private Canadian donors and the then National Youth Employment program (NYEP), now GYEEDA funded the set up and equipment cost for this phase. It was opened to students in November 2011 with the initial intake of 80.

PHASE 2: The phase 2 was very critical as there was the need to increase the number of courses especially those that would benefit the young men since the phase 1 courses benefitted mainly the women.

The construction of the second phase, the Humado Block, commenced in March 2012; the same local building team was used. Funding came from NYEP/GYEEDA. The construction was completed in September 2012. The Humado Block was commissioned by the Hon. C.K Humado on October 9, 2012. This building houses a general office, workshops with instructors’ offices in Welding, Masonry/Construction, Electrical Installation, Catering and Dressmaking, a staff room, classrooms, wash rooms with shower and locker facilities, a utility room, and a storeroom. All the buildings have allowances for expansion and the Humado Block can withstand a complete second storey. Through Ms Peta Hall’s fundraising in Canada, groups, organisations, Picton Rotary, churches and many private Canadian citizens have donated to the AVTI. Those donors’ names can be found on the entrance wall to the school. In 2013 VITOL Charitable Foundation, London provided grant for the equipment for courses in Welding, Electrical Installation, Masonry construction, Catering and Dress Making. Funding for operating the Centre was provided by GYEEDA through an agreement with the ADF. Ms. Peta Hall became the first director of the School. NVTI absorbed the Institute in January 2013 after application from the ADF and it became known as the Atorkor Vocational Training Institute (AVTI). Rev. G. R. Asiedu-Osafo was appointed the first Manager.

The ADF would like to thank the following people: The hard working construction team, the women who planted and nursed the flowers and shrubs, Dr. Prosper Adabla for helping in setting up the library, Hon, Mr. Kofi Humado for his unflinching support in sourcing a lot of funding for the AVTI, Keta Municipal Assembly especially Hon. Sylvester Tornyeava, the Municipal Chief Executive, The Foundation is extremely grateful to Ms. Peta Hall for her pioneering role in the establishment of the AVTI.