AVTI provides a proven way for young people to climb out of the spiral of poverty.

However there are many students who come from impoverished backgrounds; they may be orphans, from single parent households, have unemployed parents or have multiple siblings with the males being educated first. We try to keep our fees as reasonable as possible considering the economic circumstances of our region, however our fees may still be out of financial reach of some students.

We have many worthy students who cannot complete their skills training because of financial hardship. We do not want these students to drop out of this vital training.

AVTI has developed a BURSARY PROGRAM to assist those students. We are actively looking for sponsors to assist in this important Program. This is certainly a way to make a profound change in a young person’s future. The Selection Committee considers candidates from all courses, and awards the bursaries based on the following criteria.

The student must have:

This criteria is strictly adhered to. Each bursary is Ghc 900. US $200. Bursary covers 3 school term fees and external examination fees. This is a certain way to make a profound change in a young person’s future. Full of Part Bursaries can be made by contacting The Manager atorkorvocational@gmail.com (+233) 050 393 6801