Catering Department

About the Course

This is a THREE year course with graduates receiving NVTI, (National Vocational Training Institute), Foundation or Proficiency I and II certificates. Students learn basic cookery using local and exotic ingredients to produce local and continental dishes. Instruction in all the basic methods of cookery, including boiling, baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, cake-making and cake decoration. Table setting and food service are included.

By The End Of Their Skills Training

Ability to make:

  • Local and continental dishes
  • Pastries
  • Special occasion cakes, ie wedding. birthday
  • Catered food for large events

Render these services:

  • Housekeeping
  • Table settings
  • Waiting - Serving customers at celebrations, funerals, etc
  • Large scale catering at events, weddings, funerals, outdooring, etc.

Ability to:

  • Work for a company, restaurant or hotel
  • Self employment further developing their own skills
  • Set up their own eating place or catering business
  • Further education to Polytechnic or university

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