Dressmaking Department

About the Course

This is a THREE year course with graduates receiving NVTI, (National Vocational Training Institute), Foundation or Proficiency I and II certificates. Students learn the basics of dressmaking using hand sewing, hand machines, treadle and electric machines. Instruction in all basic methods, will be taught including pattern drafting, fashion design, applique, embellishments, headwear, and the complete creation of garments from babies to adults. Students develop their own portfolio.

By The End Of Their Skills Training

Ability to:

  • Have skills in freehand cutting and pattern making
  • Develop skills in making clothes for individual body shapes
  • Acquire skills in millinery (hat making) and accessories develop skills in transforming ideas into reality
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in record keeping
  • Understand the basic knowledge of making tie and dye and batik

Ability to:

  • Be aware of available opportunities and procedures for becoming self employed
  • Work in a partnership
  • Work for an manufacturing company.

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