The Atorkor Vocational Training Institute (AVTI) used to be called the Atorkor Vocational Training Centre. It is the fourth major project carried out by the Atorkor Development Foundation after the following projects, the IT Centre and Library, 3- unit Classroom block both in the Basic School and the Medical Clinic.

As part of our project, the are many committees put in place to govern and manage ongoing projects and further activities towards the development of the school. Listed here are some of such committees:

Institute Management Committee (IMC)

  1. Togbi Akumey-Geli Adjorlolo III - Chairperson
  2. Mama Amexleti Dunenyo II - Vice Chairperson
  3. Mr James Zanu - Member
  4. Mr Seth Kodowu-Gadagbui - Member
  5. Mr Mikail Kemevor - Member
  6. Mr Godwin Ahadzi - Member
  7. Madam Peta Hall - Member
  8. Mr Gati Michael - Member
  9. Mr Godwin Adjorlolo - Member
  10. Miss Theresa Agbenyega - Member
  11. Mr Stanley Seth Yeboah - Secretary
  12. Madam Adele Ruddock - ADF, UK
  13. Ms Rejoice Agorbortu - AVTI (Recorder)
  14. Miss Mispah Klo - AVTI (Accountant)

AVTI PTA Committee

  1. Mr. Michael Gati - Chairman
  2. Mr. Seth Stanley Yeboah - Vice Chairman
  3. Miss. Agorbortu Rejoice - Secretary
  4. Mr. Fiakpornu Evans - Assistant Secretary
  5. Madam Charlotte Dzotepe - Treasurer
  6. Mrs. Angela Sevor-Adotey - Financial Secretary
  7. Mr. Yatsorwu Samuel - Trustee
  8. Mr. Ahiataku Clemence - Trustee
  9. Mr. Ebenezer Nyamadi - Trustee

The PTA meets termly and the above listed are the EXECUTIVES of the PTA. Please click here to view the other committee members of the various committees of the institute