I.C.T Department

About the Course

This is a THREE year course with graduates receiving NVTI, (National Vocational Training Institute), Grade I and II certificates. Students learn the basics of Information Technology including fundamentals of computing (basic computer literacy), introduction to application skills (including word processing, Microsoft PowerPoint, spreadsheet management and database management); software management, basic introduction to computer hardware architecture, web research and publications, and graphic design.

By The End Of Their Skills Training

Ability to Use

  • Microsoft Word
  • Database Management
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Corel Draw
  • Basic graphic design - complementary cards, birthday cards, banners, flyers, T-shirts, etc
  • Creating Email address and social media
  • Basic web design

Ability to:

  • Work for a company
  • Self employment in their own business, or partnership
  • Further education to Polytechnic or university

News Headlines

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