Masonry Department

About the Course

This is a THREE year course with graduates receiving NVTI, (National Vocational Training Institute), Foundation (Trade test) or Proficiency I and II certificates for two years. Students learn the basics of Masonry, (Building and Construction) by acquiring skills in draughtsmanship, laying of blocks and bricks, plastering, rendering, installing windows and doors. The course includes giving estimates, steel bending, and the use of woodwork used in construction.

By The End Of Their Skills Training

Ability to Do:

  • General building construction - low and high
  • Molding of blocks
  • Foundations, block-laying,
  • Wooden door and window frames
  • Wooden doors (flash/ panel)
  • Installing ceilings
  • Roofing
  • Floor and wall tiling
  • Laying of design blocks for features
  • Designing of building - Architectural drawings
  • Estimates on building materials and labour
  • Interpretation of building plans

Ability to:

  • Work for a company as a team member
  • Self employment as a builder
  • Further education to Polytechnic or university to specialise in further specialise to become a quantity surveyor, private contractor, or building consultant

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